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A New SF Collection

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Science Friction: The doyenne of Portland letters, Ursula K. Le Guin, explores the sexual universe in her new collection of short stories.

— Kim Colton
Willamette Week
3 April 2002

"...evidence that Le Guin's mastery of dramatized anthropology is unflaggging, but that her mastery of the forms of traditional SF is undiminished as well."

— Gary K. Wolfe
April 2002

"Once again, Le Guin's powerful work illustrates that fantasy need not be escapist, that gender studies need not be dry or strident, and that entertainment need not be mindless."

— Tasha Robinson
The Onion
Vol. 38 # 10

"She is a splendid short-story writer. . fiction, like Borges', that finds its life in the interstices between the borders of speculative fiction and realism."

— Alan Cheuse
San Francisco Chronicle Book Review
March 3, 2002

Starred Review!"Evocative, richly textured and lyrically written"

Publishers Weekly
January 14, 2002

"It is all, ultimately, magnificently persuasive, persuasively magnificent."

— Nick Gevers
March 2002

"Pure starlight."

Kirkus Reviews
January 1, 2002

"Deeply concerned with gender, these eight stories, although ostensibly about aliens, are all about ourselves: love, sex, life and alienation are all handled with illuminating grace."

Publishers Weekly
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The Birthday of the World

March 2002
ISBN 0 060621253 7

Available at:

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