Schedule of Appearances: 2005


I am giving myself a 75th birthday present: a holiday from running around making speeches, doing gigs, doing signings. I'm calling it a sabbatical, so it should last a year — at least — maybe longer. A couple of engagements have already been made for 2005 (the AWP in Vancouver in April, the SFRA in Las Vegas in June, PEN USA in November, a few local appearances). But that's about it. I wanted to announce it, for three reasons:
  1. So people, seeing an empty calendar, wouldn't assume I was, like, you know, dead.
  2. To prevent people from wasting their time and mine inviting me to come to their meeting/conference/con/commencement/whatever. I won't. I'm sure it will be a wonderful event and I wish it all the best, but please: invite somebody else.
  3. Because I'm happy about it. Time to write! What better present can a writer get?

— Ursula

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