Cat Rock

The artist is Alika Kalaida. She came to the Transformation Without Apocalypse symposium in Corvallis the weekend of February 15, 2014. When I was signing books, she put something in a little paper sack down on the table and said “I made this for you, I hope you like it.”

This is what came out of the bag: a portrait (from photos on my site) of my cat Pard. The painting is on a smooth heavy rock about four inches long.

Pard Rock by Alika Kalaido
Pard Rock by Alika Kalaido
Photos by Katie Burkart
Click on the image for larger detailed image.

It is so lifelike, so Pardlike, and so beautiful that it makes me laugh with delight every time I look at it.

Alika has a lot of sites & mentions on Google, this is one:

Flickr: Alika-Rikki’s Photostream


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