Notice to Fans and Correspondents

I have a busy autumn coming up, part of which I’m going to spend entirely off the Internet, and not receiving either email or realmail. So this is a request:

For the rest of 2010, if you write me or send me stuff, please don’t expect an answer!

I will get back to you eventually if I can. But I am old, have no secretarial help, and am already a month behind with the mail. I’m swamped.

Getting input and feedback is a huge pleasure to me, and I enjoy reading and answering readers’ letters — but I feel bad about them when I can’t even say “thanks!” (And please don’t send CDs, I just don’t have the time to listen to them, so they make me feel purely guilty.)

Good cheer to all,

— Ursula
Sept 17, 2010

Followup, December 2010


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