Followup, December 2010:
Notice to Fans and Correspondents

In September I asked people who wrote me or sent me stuff please not to expect an answer.

Getting input and feedback is a great pleasure to me, and I very much enjoy letters from readers — but when I can’t answer them, can’t even say “thanks,” it makes me feel bad.

But since I no longer have secretarial help, I just can’t keep up with this correspondence.

My saying this immediately led people to assume that that I am very ill or in some kind of awful trouble. Honestly, I’m not. I’m in pretty good shape, for 81. You could call being old being in trouble, I guess, or you could call it being lucky. Or both. Anyhow, I just want my readers to know that their letters get read, and thought about, even if not answered.

Signed bookplates are still going out — no problem there, if you'll just include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Good cheer for the Solstice and the New Year!

— Ursula
5 December 2010


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