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Literary Agent

Ginger Clark
Curtis Brown, Ltd.
10 Astor Place
New York, NY 10003
Email: gc (at) cbltd (dot) com

Speakers Agent

Miriam Feuerle
Lyceum Agency
Email: miriam (at) lyceumagency (dot) com
503 577 6361

Film & Theatrical Agent

Holly Frederick
Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Via her assistant Nicholas Beudert
Email: njlb (at) cbltd (dot) com

Permission to Quote, Copy, Reprint, or Use Published Passages or Works:

Do not send such requests directly to me. Contact my literary agent. She will respond promptly, and to all reasonable requests, positively. If there is any question to be answered or unusual aspect to the request she willl be in touch with me.


Requests to Read, Comment, and/or Blurb:

I do not make comments or give advice on manuscripts.

Do not send me any unpublished material without first inquiring. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for my reply. Manuscripts, books in proof, and books that arrive without prior inquiry will be neither acknowledged nor returned.



Mail from Readers:

An interesting question from a reader or a kind fan letter can cheer a whole day. I love hearing from my readers, and wish I could respond to every letter. But I have no secretary or assistant, and a good deal of business to handle. To my sorrow, I can no longer keep up with fan mail. You’re very welcome to write to me, but please don’t expect an answer (especially if you ask me to explain “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”). (If you are under ten years old I will try very hard to answer.)

If you send me a present, I will almost certainly be unable to acknowledge it, which makes me feel bad.


For years, I’ve offered signed bookplates to readers who want my signature in their copies of my books. I’ve enjoyed doing this very much. But I can’t do it any more. The printer who made the dragon bookplates for me has died. And I who signed them just can’t keep it up forever. I’m sorry to disappoint you!

DO NOT send me books to be autographed. I can’t handle them. I can’t return them. Don’t send them.

If you want an autograph:

  1. Be at a bookstore or event where I’m signing.
  2. (I am trying this out to see if I can do it – the offer may be withdrawn if I can’t keep up.) If you live in the USA, send me a self-addressed stamped return envelope and I will send you ONE autograph.

If you live in Canada or elsewhere, I can do this only if you can put US postage on the envelope.

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Postage information from the webmistress

Self-addressed stamped envelope requires 1 oz. U.S. postage. A regular business sized envelope is sufficient.

Readers outside the USA may find the U.S. Postal Service’s International Rate Calculator to be of use. The site also includes information about buying U.S. postage on line.

You may write UKL a letter and send it by street mail. If you want permission to quote, copy, or reprint from her work, or have a question about appearances, interviews, etc., please send those requests to her literary agent.

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