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Welcome! Relatively early in internet history, Vonda McIntyre encouraged Ursula to reserve her name as a domain and to start a website. Vonda collaborated with Ursula on the project for many years, acting as internet guru and web master, organizing and managing every character and line of code of the site. The result was an inimitable capsule of parts of Ursula’s life and work, as specific to its creators as a thumbprint.

The previous site was thorough, engaging and labyrinthine; with Vonda’s death in early 2019, Ursula’s estate had to move the site into a new template, which you see today. We’ve tried to preserve the spirit of the original, retaining all content albeit, organized differently. A few pages, buried deep, have yet to be linked, and few broken external links have been removed. If you miss the old site, you can find it here, though no new material after February 2019 has been or will be added. If you have suggestions or comments on the new site, or it something is missing you’d like to see on the site, please contact the estate.

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Ursula’s archives were gifted to the Special Collections of Knight Library at the University of Oregon. Learn more.

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