Kesh Maps from Always Coming Home

Some of the paths around Sinshan Creek

A Kesh map of the watershed of Sinsham Creek, given to the Editor by Little Bear Woman of Sinsham

Only the Spring of Sinsham creek, Blue Rock, certain springs and hills, and the paths toward the summits of Sinsham Mountain are identified by name.

The note written on the lower right part of the map reads "Northwestwards fifteen under toyon boulder. Before the Grass." Little Bear Woman had no idea what it referred to; she said the map "had been around the house for a long time."

Interpretation of map of the paths around Sinsham Creek.

The Valley of the Na and the Nine Towns on the River

Adapted and translated from a Kesh map

A Talismanic Map of the Na Valley and the springs of the River and its tributaries.

From Sinshan

Some of the places and peoples known to the Kesh

(North is to the left of the map)

The Inland Sea

California and Western Nevada at the time the Kesh people live in the Valley currently called Napa